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Our research teams

Agroecology and Environment Unit

  • Joséphine Peigne
    Head of Agroecology and Environment Unit
  • @Camille BATHELLIER
    Camille Bathellier
    Research project manager

  • Marie Benoit
    Associate Professor, Agronomy & Environment

  • Adeline Cadiergues
    Laboratory professional

  • Florian Celette
    Associate professor, PhD in Agronomical sciences
  • Christophe David
    Deputy Director, PhD, Habilitation
  • DUCASSE Vincent Vincent Ducasse
    PhD Student

  • Olivier Duchêne
    Associate professor
  • Aurélie FERRER Aurélie Ferrer
    Associate professor, PhD in Ecology, Biodiversity
  • Léo GIRARD
    PhD Student PONDERFUL
  • Baptiste GRARD Baptiste Grard
    H2020 AE4EU Project manager
  • Sarah Grauby
    PhD student – Ecostack
  • Mathieu Guérin
    Associate professor, Research engineer
  •  KOCZURA-Madeline
    Madeline Koczura
    Associate professor

  • Thomas Lhuillery
    Field experiments technician

  • Jacques Aristide Perrin
    Project manager

  • Marzia Ranaldo
    Ecostack Project manager

  • Joël Robin
    Associate professor, PhD Analyses and modeling, biological systeme

  • Mathieu Rouge
    Research project manager

  • Soraya Rouifed
    Associate Professor, Ecology

  • Anthony Roume
    Associate Professor Agronomy & Agroecology

  • Benoit Sarrazin
    Associate Professor, Spatial analysis

  • Vincent Tolon
    Associate professor

  • Coralie Triquet
    PhD student
  • Jean-François Vian
    Associate Professor
  • Alexander Wezel 
    Head of Research, Associate Professor

Studies Rural Laboratory


  • Yann Demarigny
    Full Professor, PhD in Food Sciences
  • Véronique Rigobello
    Laboratory Technician

Others Research activities