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Key player in a new era of agriculture and food

Skills-focused, enterprising, sustainably committed and connected to an open and changing world

4 major objectives

  1. Key player in the agricultural and food industry transitions
  2. School based in Lyon and Avignon with an international focus
  3. Innovative and advanced training
  4. A school that embraces change


Isara 2025 project goals

Strengthening our position in the agro-ecological and food transitions

Isara is strengthening its global presence in agroecology and sustainable food systems through the creation of a centre for excellence that combines training, research and expertise.

Isara is tackling climate change and the technological, digital and energy transitions head on by forming new academic, scientific and professional partnerships. Entrepreneurship is a fundamental part of Isara’s system of excellence, helping it drive innovation and support the creation of new companies and businesses.

Solid growth at the Lyon and Avignon campuses

Isara is developing its agricultural engineering, agri-food, and sustainable development training, diversifying its courses (new specialisations, more work-study programmes, etc.) and launching new training programmes.

Isara is committed to offering high-quality education with solid employment opportunities. The school attracts new students through a targeted enrolment policy, and by modernising infrastructure at the Lyon and Avignon campuses.

Developing the Avignon campus through the creation of a ISARA-ISEMA group

The development of the engineering course in both initial and work-study programs, the creation of bachelor’s degrees and the launch of ISEMA training programmes are central to the Avignon campus project. The campus also boasts unique research, development and innovation activities with strong links to the local ecosystem.

The creation of the ISARA-ISEMA group represents a major step towards strengthening our national and international reputation, at the gates of the Mediterranean and Africa.

Innovative training and courses tailored to meet the expectations of the agricultural and food industries

Isara develops dynamic training courses by letting students play an active role in their careers and professional pathways. Hybrid courses (enhancing and deepening knowledge, combining face-to-face and distance learning, work experience) are designed to reflect the diversity of students and professions. An inter/intrapreneurial approach is at the heart of the training program. Isara encourages all students and staff to cultivate their creativity and explore new ideas and projects by drawing on solid skills and know-how.

A deeper commitment to sustainable development and solidarity in the agricultural and food sectors

Isara implements a solidarity policy that ensures diverse, national and international backgrounds (e.g. financial aid offered to students) and supports development projects in Africa and the Euro-Mediterranean. Sustainable development challenges are a key focus in our courses and practices.

The TERRA ISARA endowment fund lets us pool our commitments to diversity, sustainability and innovation alongside a wide range of professional and economic partners.