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Agroecology and sustainable food systems at the heart of our research activities

Our research units

Agroecology & Environment

Our Agroecology and Environment research unit works on adapting and developing agroecological practices to ensure the economic, social and environmental sustainability of agroecosystems. Our main research objective is to assess and design production systems integrating agroecological practices.

Rural Studies Laboratory

The research carried out in the Rural Studies Laboratory (LER) is intended to be multidisciplinary and cross-referencing around highly entangled aspects – rurality, agriculture and food. They aim at understanding the transitions towards more sustainable and resilient food systems and territorial development.


The BioDyMIA Research Unit is interested in the microbial ecology of fermented food products and the construction of their sensory specificity.

Others research activities

Other research activities are being conducted at Isara around new cryopreservation protocols to ensure the reproductive potential of frozen cells.