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Sustainable Development

L’Isara is committed to Sustainable Development and prepares its engineering students!

At the heart of the school, the DD & RS approach (Sustainable Development & Social Responsibility) mobilizes students, teachers, researchers and all staff. Both training and research focus on sharing and exploring solutions for sustainable agriculture, environment and food, for today and tomorrow.


Isara takes part in the answer to the major challenges of our future, on the economic, social and environmental aspects.

Certified DD & RS on the basis of the framework created by the CGE-CPU conferences, Isara sets its vision and ambition at a very high level on a daily basis collective spirit:

  • Students from all school years, staff and the school jointly lead the process within the DD & RS Committee
  • While the school ensures the coherence of the sustainable development strategy and its adaptation into the training and research programs, students take action through student associations, not forgetting the mixed participation of students and employees in the “club DD”, the sustainable development students’ association.
  • Our partners and external stakeholders, particularly at the Lyon and Avignon sites for the environmental component, join forces and contribute to the process.
  • The school’s presence on the territory coupled with its social commitment anchor Isara on a long-term dimension and enriched with shared and humanistic values, for students, staff and all our partners. Close attention is paid to the quality of life during studies and in the workplace, providing students with the conditions for acquiring specific social skills.