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Isara wants to support the transitions towards sustainable technical and organizational systems with transdisciplinary research activities involving:

  • Agronomy and food sciences to produce sound and sufficient food
  • Ecology for a better conservation and use of natural resources
  • Economic and social sciences for economically viable and socially fair production to enable the stakeholders of the food chain to live decently from their work.


Our research activities concern:

  • The improvement of the technical performance of agricultural and food systems,
  • The replacement of techniques, processes and matters by others based on ecological processes,
  • The design of new systems combining technical transformation and new relationships between the stakeholders of the food chain and the territories.


Our applied research works are based on real and innovative situations, to answer the questions of economic and institutional stakeholders in order to support the development of an agriculture beneficial to territorial development. Our research activities in agroecology are aimed to internationalize to support development projects in Europe but also in Southern Countries.