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I have been attracted by the ISARA research topics: agroecology, organic farming, water quality … Also interested by the possibility to teach in an engineering school which brings a lot of diversity.

Marie Benoit – Associate Professor, Agronomy and Agroecology joined Isara in June 2019



I was interested in being part of a teaching team that could provide student follow-up over several years as well as individualized tutoring activities. Moreover, my vision of research corresponded exactly to the one carried out at Isara: combining rigorous scientific questioning and operational challenges managed in collaboration with professionals.

Soraya Rouifed – Associate Professor, Ecology joined Isara in October 20198



I really enjoy seeing the overflowing creativity of young people when we trust them. I have the chance to teach from the 2nd to the 5th year and to see them grow up and become adults.

Thierry Joly  – Professor Animal Science, joined Isara in 1992


What I like most about Isara is to be trusted, especially for initiatives. This fits perfectly with my personal philosophy: always go forward.

Yann Demarigny – Professor, Microbiology and Food Science, in charge of Agrolab platform joined Isara in 2003

Our Human Wealth Policy

On the basis of the Isara 4 values, the human wealth policy aims to develop managerial modes promoting initiative and intrapreneurship as well as performance and well-being at work.

That’s why we want our most agile operations to help us win our collaborators’ loyalty, attract and reveal new talent.

In addition, upon your arrival at Isara, you will find a relational dynamic created through orientation and training week as well as a sponsorship system that allows you to “decrypt” the Isara culture and become an active participant in your integration.

Then, to support your performance and your projects, Isara has set up regular assessment and professional reflection meetings such as: an annual objective review, a professional interview every two years and training sessions. In 2018, 72% of staff received training during the year.

Throughout your life at Isara, you will be able to be a player in the relational dynamics in place and also in our development projects: in 2018, more than 50% of staff participated in work groups for our transformation. Employees also participated in the co-construction of the new organization. In 2020, they will be able to participate in the reflection for the ISARA 2025 strategic plan.

For the past two years, we have embarked on an ambitious project that modernises our campus and focus on the modularization of life spaces at work: sometimes a brainstorming room, a “standard meeting” room, a herbal tea room or a relaxation room. In 2018, our students and employees have imagined the new Isara campus, adapting to our needs


Company Agreement

Company agreements reflect, among other things, the “Trust”, “Self-development”, “Team Spirit” and “Commitment” of all:

  • A profit-sharing plan since 2016 makes it possible to distribute the benefits among all on the same basis.
  • An agreement on the reduction and adjustment in working hours (ARTT) allowing the giving of days off and granting more paid leaves than the EPI collective agreement.
  • A retirement benefit plan more favorable than the EPI collective agreement.
  • A teleworking charter allowing everyone to set homebased work without going through their line manager.
  • An agreement on the cycle-related mileage allowance for those who come to work by bike.
  • An equality agreement between women and men.