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Erasmus students

More than 21 nationalities for our international students following MSc Agroecology & Sustainability, Erasmus exchange programme and Engineer programme. Welcome !

Clark Halpern, an American student at Isara

Clark Halpern is an American and grew up in Oceanport, New Jersey.

Clark arrived at Isara in August to start his third semester in the MSc of Agroecology Double Degree Programme with Wageningen University. Last year he spent one semester taking courses at Wageningen University before completing an internship at the World Bank. While he was at the World Bank, he contributed to agriculture projects focused on climate finance in the livestock sector and implementation of agriculture policy measures around climate change mitigation, adaptation, and resilience.

Before starting this master, what did you do? Why did choose this master?

For my undergraduate studies, I studied at the University of Chicago, where I gained a BSc in Environmental Science and a BA in Biology, where I specialized in microbiology. Following some research experience, I was invited to be part of the US Peace Corps in Ghana as an Agricultural Extension Volunteer. I lived in a small village in Northern Ghana for two years, where I connected rural agro-pastoralists and subsistence farmers with Ghanaian Ministry of Agriculture officials to conduct livestock vaccination campaigns, demonstrate planting techniques for improved yields of staple crops, and voice concerns of smallholder farmers to government officials.

As I was applying to different MSc programmes after my time in Ghana, I was able to have a meeting with Alexander Wezel, the head of ISARA-Lyon’s Agroecology programme. I was quickly convinced that this MSc was the best fit for me. At Wageningen University, I would focus on the policy and research components of agriculture. This foundation would be refined at ISARA-Lyon, where their high level of technical expertise in agroecology and connections to local farmers, companies, and government actors would provide an impressive view of what agroecology meant in practice….

What was your first impression of Lyon? And Isara?

“I’m finding Lyon to be a beautiful city with grand old buildings and bustling markets. Coming to France, it is great to get out of my comfort zone with a new environment and language. I think Isara has a beautiful campus and I have felt welcomed by the Isara community. The smaller student body creates a more personal atmosphere where you can truly get to know your teachers and fellow students…” Read more


Moana Ungrová from the Czech Republic

Moana is on Erasmus exchange program at Isara, for one semester, following the Agroecology MSc program.

” What did you study?

Since 4 years, I have been studying environmental sciences. I am based at Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague, where I am enrolled to Tropical Forestry and Agroforestry study program. The enthusiasm and love for environmental science I obtained during my bachelor program at Mendel University in Brno, where I studied Management of Nature Resources in the Tropics and Subtropics.

Why did you choose Isara to do this semester?

I was searching for a course taught in English but I wanted to be in France, as I had been learning French language. I found this course and it seemed to be a perfect choice, thanks to its link to agroforestry. From my point of view, the Agroforestry program at my university is focused only on the forestry sector and is lacking the agronomy part.  Therefore, I decided to try to catch up on my lack of knowledge here at ISARA at the Agroecology course. So far, I am very excited, especially about the planned fieldtrips…Read more