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The Professor Thierry Joly

Dr Thierry Joly
Associate Professor in Animal Sciences

Animal reproduction biotechnologies

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Autres activités de recherche

Mots clés

Cryopreservation, Germ cells and embryos, Animal genetic resources, Cryobanking

Projets en cours

  • CRB Anim (Investissement d’Avenir, ANR) :develop new cryopreservation protocols to guarantee the reproductive potential of frozen cells and the quality of stored samples over the long term.


Teaching activities

  • Animal sciences: developmental biology, animal physiology, reproductive management, genetics and animal breeding
  • In charge of the biotechnology module in 4th year
  • In charge of the DA Livestock, Environment, Health in 5th year


Professional experience and training

  • 2007: HDR, Cryopreservation of animal biodiversity, Claude Bernard University, Lyon I
  • 1997 : PhD, INSA Lyon : Establishment of a cryobank of rabbit seeds and embryos
  • 1990 : Animal Production Engineer (ENSAIA, Nancy)
  • Since 1992 : Associate Professor in Animal Production
  • 1988 : Master’s degree in Physiology (Université de Bourgogne)