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Sghaier Chriki – EN

Sghaier Chriki
Assistant Professor, PhD Animal productions

Animal science, meat quality, livestock farming systems.

Research Unit

Agroecology and Environment



Animal science, meat quality, livestock farming systems


Ongoing projects

  • EcoMeat3G: The objective of this project (Global Guaranteed Grading (3G) of beef and lamb from autonomous, organic or ecological production systems) is to develop innovative livestock practices and a new grading scheme to predict meat eating quality


Teaching duties

  • Animal science
  • Meat quality
  • Animal feeding
  • Livestock farming systems


Professional Appointments

  • 2018 : Assistant Professor, Isara (69)
    Teaching “Animal Productions” and research in the department of Agroecology.
  • 2017: Researcher Associate in University of Angers (31)
    Teaching in the “Biological Engineering” department of Angers ‘university, and research in the Zootechnical team of ESA [High School of Agricultural of Angers] (31)
  • 2015: Researcher Associate in the National Institute of Agronomy of Toulouse (ENSAT)
    Teaching in the “Animal Science” department of ENSAT, and research in the Nutrition and Digestive Ecosystems (NED) team of INRA [National Institute for Agricultural Research]
  • 2014 : K&A Food General Manager
    Management and direction of a work team, specialized in the marketing of foods destined for fast food.« K&A food » is a Cash and Carry type of company, specializes in the wholesale (business to business) food business (meat products, preserves, cheeses, chips, drinks, packaging…)
  • 2013: PhD Nutrition & Food Science with Honors
    Blaise Pascal University in Clermont-Ferrand [France] Subject: Meta-analysis of muscle characteristics to predict the quality of beef. Partnership:

    • INRA [National Institute for Agricultural Research] (Theix-France)
    • UNCEIA [National Union of Cooperative Breading and Artificial Insemination] (Paris-France)

    Funding: CIFRE (UNCEIA).

  • 2009: Master in Nutrition & Food Science
    Blaise Pascal University in Clermont-Ferrand [France]
    Second year of Master in which we treated various subjects such as Food processing, Food safety.
    Sensory and nutritional quality of food..
  • 2008: License (L1, L2, L3) and Master1 in Nutraceutical (Functional Foods) University of Pharmacy Rennes [France]
    Three years (L1, L2, L3) in which I obtained a License in Nutraceutical and directly started my first year to gain a master degree (Master1) in the same specialty. In those years, we looked up on a diversity of subjects including Biochemistry, regulation and marketing of functional foods (Nutraceuticals).



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