Christophe David

Christophe David
Deputy Director, Agroecology and Environnement, PhD Habilitation


  • Agronomy and farming systems
  • Plant production
  • Agroecology
  • Organic farming

Research Unit
Agroecology and Environment


Agroecology – Crop and water management – Cropping systems design on organic systems using diagnosis and modeling – Technical management

Research projects

Work experience and studies

Current or recent responsibilities


  • Executive Dean, ISARA Lyon, Lyon, France (2011-present)
  • Deputy Director, Strategy and Development ISARA, France (2019-now)
  • Consultancy for private or public companies in agriculture & food sectors (2017-now)
  • Coordinator of the Scientific Council at ISARA (23 Members)
  • Vice Dean Research and International, ISARA Lyon, Lyon, France (2006-2011)
  • Department Chair Agrosystems, Environment & Production, ISARA Lyon, Lyon, France (2004-2006)



  • Habitation in Agronomy, Université Lyon 1, Title: Improvement of organic cereal systems Lyon, France
  • PhD in Agronomy, Agro-Paris Tech , Paris France. Title: Nitrogen management of organic winter wheat
  • Master of science in Geography – Management of sensitive areas, Institut de Géographie Alpine, Grenoble, France
  • Engineer in Agronomy Specialization in Agricultural Economics, AgroSup, Dijon, France


  • PhD and Post Doc research supervision : currently PhD students: Richard (2018), Vincent-Caboud (2019), Duchene (2020)
  • Continuous supervision of 2-3 MSc students per year


Publication summary

Approximately 95 papers in peer-reviewed journals and book chapters; over 30 non-refereed conference contributions; various conference abstracts, popular scientific articles and reports.



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  • Vincent-caboud, L., Peigne, J., Casagrande, M., David, C., Ryan, M.R., Silva, E.M., 2019. Using mulch from cover crops to facilitate organic no-till soybean and maize production. A review. Agron. Sustain. Dev. 2, 39–45.
  • Wayman, S., Debray, V., Parry, S., David, C., Ryan, M. 2019. Perspectives on Perennial Grain Crop Production among Organic and Conventional Farmers in France and the United States Agriculture 9(11), 244;
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  • Vrignon-Brenas, S.; Celette, F.; Piquet-Pissaloux, A., Corre-Hellou, G.; David, C. 2018. Intercropping strategies of white clover with organic wheat to improve the trade-off between wheat yield, protein content and the provision of ecological services by white clover. Field Crops Research. Vol. 224, 160-169.
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