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Food sciences and the management of food industries

To implement and manage research and development projects, production processes or quality and safety policies in food industries

Skills and abilities

  • Understand the complexity of product-process innovation, from the development to the industrialization of products, taking into account consumers’ expectations.
  • Implement processes and manage industrial sites, taking into account environmental constraints.
  • Deal with food quality, food safety, workers’ safety problems on a scientific, technical, regulatory and politic point of view (risk management).
  • Participate to the development of industrial strategies, manage industrialization or production organization projects.

Some examples of jobs occupied by our graduates:

  • Blason de Bourgogne Marketing Brand Manager
  • R&D project manager
  • Mass Distribution Supply Manager
  • Production manager
  • Quality and continual improvement Coordinator

At Master level, you can choose selected optionals matching the specialization “Food science and the management of food industries”.

Year 4: 2 to 3-week optional classes

  • The management of quality in agro-food industries,
  • Nutrition and health
  • Sustainable development in food industries
  • Control of production parameters of food products
  • Microorganisms and traditional food


Year 5: specialization semester (14 weeks)

  • Design and industrialization of food products
  • Sustainable development in food industries
  • Management of innovation and companies’ development
  • Innovation in food science
  • Supply chain management in agricultural and food sectors


Student life