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Sustainable rural development

To support and coordinate projects of agricultural / rural development. Design and assess programmes and occupy positions in national or international development organizations.

Skills and abilities:

  • Diagnose territories in their economic, technical, social, political, cultural and environmental dimensions
  • Know the main rural development policies and the different territorial scales existing in Europe
  • Know how to manage a development project, from engineering to assessment
  • Understand and analyze the international challenges of development on an economic, social and political plans
  • Understand and manage the interrelations between agriculture and the territories.

Some examples of jobs occupied by our graduates

  • Project manager – development of a French food chain
  • Communication manager – Regional assistant
  • Assistant research manager natural and peri-urban agricultural areas
  • Environmental studies manager
  • Agricultural development Agent


At Master level, you can choose selected optionals matching the specialization “Sustainable rural development”.

Year 4: 2 to 3-week optional classes

  • Water and environment
  • Organic agriculture, territories and markets
  • Microorganisms and traditional food
  • Biodiversity
  • Mountains and mountain ecosystems
  • Farm analysis and consultancy services
  • Economics and Agricultural Trade and Food: International Issues
  • Funding of the economy


Year 5: specialization semester (14 weeks)

  • Economic development and project management in rural areas
  • Livestock management, environment and health
  • Agroecology and agronomical innovations