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Living in Lyon

As the second ranking city in France as regards the number of students, Lyon totals 163,000 students, of which 16,000 are international students.
Lyon is part of UNE...


Agroecology International Summer School

Join us in France from June 14 to July 18 in Lyon ! Dedicated to undergraduates with a science/Humanities Major.


Une école d'ingénieurs Agronomie, Alimentation et Environnement

Study at ISARA-Lyon to find a job in agricultural, food and environmental sectors in France and abroad.

Skills and services to meet the needs of companies and professional organizations

A close collaboration with companies, professional organizations, local governments…

A privileged relation between Alumni network and students

Applied research activities to meet the agricultural and food challenges

Projects focus on agroecology and sustainable food systems


24 March 2019
Master Agroecology

Master Agroecology

"The European Master in Agroecology has been for me an opening to different horizons: new relationships, international projects, unknown themes and new topics that I want to deepen in the near future. A very rewarding experience !”

22 January 2019
MSc “Sustainable Food Systems”

MSc “Sustainable Food Systems”

Core projects in “Intrapreneurship and Sustainable Development in Food Industries”

18 January 2019
stanislaus new academic partnership

stanislaus new academic partnership

New academic exchange agreement has been signed with California State University Stanislaus

08 January 2019
Discover our video Isara Lyon

Discover our video Isara Lyon

Watch our ISARA video at the heart of innovation in agriculture and food...

19 December 2018
"Agroecological Practices for sustainable Agriculture"

 "Agroecological Practices for sustainable Agriculture"

Good agroecological practices are indispensable for the development of sustainable agriculture. In this book, principles, diversity and applications of agroecological practices for a range of systems are presented, transforming scientific research and participatory knowledge of production into practical application.

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