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The socio‑economic performance of agroecology

Publié le 21/03/2024


Agroecology stands out as a crucial solution for enhancing the sustainability of agricultural and food systems. Despite the growing body of literature examining the socio-economic impacts of agroecology, there remains a scarcity of studies that consolidate findings from various case studies. This paper aims to address this gap by synthesizing evidence on the diverse socio-economic effects of agroecology across a wide range of cases on a global scale.

Using a rapid review methodology, we screened over 13,000 publications to gather evidence on the socio-economic outcomes associated with the adoption of agroecological practices. Our review reveals several key findings:

This article is open access on the website of Agronomy for Sustainable Developpment

Ioanna Mouratiadou and Alexander Wezel share equal first authorship.

Keywords Agroecological practices · Socio-economic indicators · Sustainable livelihoods · Farm economic performance ·Agroforestry · Intercropping