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The Professor Veronique Rigobello

Véronique Rigobello
Microbiology Technician


Microbiological analysis of various foods (cocoa beans, olives, squash, cheese, bread…), Fermentation, Microplate, Microscopy (uligh), PCR, Epifluorescence, Hygiene of premises

Unité de recherche
Laboratoire des études rurales

Key words

Microorganims, fermentations

Research projects

  • ValPro (2017-2020) : fermentation of by-products from fruit and vegetable plants: lactic acid and aromatic coumpond production. This project was built thanks to the help of TerraIsara and five industrial partners: Pierre Martinet, Florette, Philibertsavours, Charles&Alice, Lustucru
  • Neose® : use of an electronic tool to evaluate the aromatic balance of aqueous fermented food products (2018-2021)
  • Development of innovating fermented food products

Professional experience and training

34 years in pratical work teaching at Isara (chemistry and microbiology)

BTS training in agrofood industry