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Mid-scale value chains

Publié le 06/10/2020

Innovation for fairer remuneration

The SyAM PSDR project, led by Carole Chazoule (Isara) and Laurent Joyet (Auvergne Rhône-Alpes Regional Chamber of Agriculture) aims at better understanding and maximizing the economic social and environmental performances of such systems and help steer them towards sustainable development practices.


What is a SyAM? Watch the video:


SYAMs differ from other food distribution systems through the common will of various stakeholders (farmer collectives, vegetable processing units, SMEs, wholesalers, institutional catering groups, retailers, start-ups, local authorities) to build virtuous industry projects together.

These projects are brought about by designing « win-win » agreements which enable stakeholders to create added value and share it more fairly among themselves.


SyAM’s innovative tools

3 main types of tools were developed by the project to help all stakeholders in the food chain make their production local again. By stakeholders we mean farmer collectives, agrifood businesses, retailers, local authorities and all those who work daily to develop such systems (chambers of agriculture, professional farming organizations, professional associations…)

These innovative tools are :

  • Case studies to look into the diversity of known SyAMs and better characterise them.
  • Practical guides to promote the development of sustainable practices.
  • A game to facilitate meetings between various stakeholders and create closeness.