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A new scientific paper

Publié le 27/10/2021

Brazilian Consumers’ Attitudes towards So‐Called “Cell‐Based Meat”

A new article based on the international survey on “cultured meat”.

Brazilian consumers’ attitudes towards so-called “cell-based meat”.



The main goal of this online survey was to investigate the attitudes of Brazilians towards “cell‐based meat”, which has become the subject of great scientific and media enthusiasm.The answers of 4471 respondents concluded that 46.6% of them thought “cell‐based meat” was promising and acceptable.

More than 66% would be willing to try this novel product compared to 23% who expressed reluctance to do so. Nearly 40% of the total respondents did not want to eat “cell‐based meat” regularly at all, whereas 29%, 43.2%, and 39.9% were willing to eat it regularly in restaurants, at home, and/or in ready‐made meals, respectively. Read more and access publication, click here


Sghaier Chriki 1,*, Vincent Payet 1, Sérgio Bertelli Pflanzer 2, Marie‐Pierre Ellies‐Oury 3,4, Jingjing Liu 4, Élise Hocquette 1, Jonatã Henrique Rezende‐de‐Souza 2 and Jean‐François Hocquette 4

  1. 1-Isara, AgroSchool for Life, 23 rue Jean Baldassini, 69364 Lyon, France; vpayet@isara.fr (V.P.); elise.hocquette@gmail.com (É.H.)
  2. 2-Department of Food Engineering and Technology, University of Campinas, Rua Monteiro Lobato, 80, Campinas 13083‐862, SP, Brazil; spflanzer@gmail.com (S.B.P.); jonatarezendesouza@gmail.com (J.H.R.‐d.‐S.)
  3. 3-Bordeaux Science Agro, 33175 Gradignan, France; marie‐pierre.ellies@agro‐bordeaux.fr
  4. 4-INRAE, Université d’Auvergne, Vetagro Sup, UMR Herbivores, 63122 Saint Genès Champanelle, France; jingjing.liu@inrae.fr (J.L.); jean‐francois.hocquette@inrae.fr (J.‐F.H.)

* Correspondence: schriki@isara.fr