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Innovative agroecological practice

Publié le 26/09/2019

Innovative agroecological practice to be favorable to biodiversity

The project aims to contibute to develop cropping systems that optimize the services provided by agroecosystems and promote biodiversity, including the presence of natural pest enemies and pollinators. To do this, an innovative agroecological practice, supposed to be favorable to biodiversity, has been conceived and implemented in arable farming systems. The effect of this practice on natural biocontrol and its potential for the conservation of wild pollinators is studied.

The project takes place within a network of volunteer farmers, which will ensure that the real farmers’constraints (legislative, economic, material) are taken into account. Thus, parameters allowing the evaluation of the impact of the insertion of the practices on the agronomic and socio-economic indicators of the farm are also followed.

Coralie Triquet PhD student