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Conservation agriculture and management of cover crops

Publié le 06/10/2020

Conservation agriculture and management of cover crops without herbicides

For many years now, Isara agronomists have been researching how to preserve the fertility and improve the productivity of organically managed grain systems.

Our work centers on designing and evaluating organic or low-input crop systems based on conservation agriculture principles, and more specifically on the advantages of developing no-till farming and herbicides-free multiservices cover crops.

The design of such systems is based on research work involving interested parties (farmers, consultants…) and leads to the creation of co-conceptualized systems, from formalising the method to implementing it on the field.

The evaluation of the systems focuses in particular on their effects on soil fertility, the production of agricultural biomass (quantity and quality) and various ecosystem regulation services (weed management, pest, biological control agents…) with a view to reducing the use of input.


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