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Agriculture and biodiversity

Publié le 29/03/2021

The relationship between agriculture and biodiversity in the implementation of the Green and Blue Network policy

In France, the Green and Blue Network policy aims to halt the loss of biodiversity by preserving or restoring ecological continuity. It is about preserving or restoring to good condition the environments necessary for the accomplishment of the entire life cycle of animal and plant species (food, shelter, movement, etc.). The originality of this biodiversity conservation policy is that it is also a land use planning policy and takes into account human activities, particularly agricultural activities in rural areas.

This thesis project aims to understand how such a policy is implemented in areas with a strong agricultural dominance, and thus question the synergies and potential difficulties of biodiversity-agriculture relations. To do this, we analyze these relationships at three complementary levels: national, territorial and at the level of the farmer and his farm.


Julie Delclaux – Rural Studies Laboratory