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Terra Isara our endowment

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Defining new farming and food systems capable of producing sufficient quantities of farming products and healthy foods while preserving natural resources and enabling the farming world to live decently from the results of its labor. Such is the mission of the endowment fund of Terra Isara.

Since 2012…

  • 170 loans-on-trust
  • 216 scholarships via the solidarity fund, amounting to €230K
  • 81 international exchange grants, amounting to €210K
  • 8 research programs in Agroecology, Sustainable Food Systems, amounting to €1500K
  • 16 Ecotrophelia food innovation projects

Training: Talent diversity

Terra Isara aims to facilitate access to higher education in agriculture, food and environment, to any motivated and competent young person, no matter their origins and financial means. This approach also applies to international students wishing to train in agroecology and sustainable food systems in order to develop innovative and specific models in their respective countries.

Through this plan, our desire is to significantly encourage a solidarity approach and social openness.

Innovating: Sustainable Farming Systems & Food

Terra Isara participates in the financing of research programs as well as projects and actions in terms of production, processing and development of high quality healthy farming and food products, of environmental protection, of durability of rural areas and sustainable development.

Agroecology researchers can rely on the support of doctoral students to work concretely on sustainable farming and food systems.

Examples of research projects

  • Local Food systems
  • Sustainable ecological practice
  • Diversifying grain crops systems
  • Water preservation
  • Agroecology territories
  • Valpro: optimizing waste from the food industry
  • Forage legumes
  • Cocoa Forect

Entrepreneurship: development of entrepreneurship

Terra Isara’s objective is to develop entrepreneurship training, particularly by supporting the The Ecotrophelia Student Awards of Food Innovation.

In 2019, Isara won with ORIZginal

Invest with us

 Invest with us

  • 200000

    allocated to a solidarity fund

  • 460

    students supported

  • 170

    honour loans

  • 6500

    0% rate by year

The Terra Isara Board of Directors


In terms of governance, Terra Isara gathers mainly business leaders but also leading figures of the academic and research world. All actions are financed thanks to the funds invested by companies, but also by individuals.

Terra Isara is composed of 28 companies that support projects for diversity, research and assistance to entrepreneurship. These companies are investing in the Terra Isara approach for the agriculture and the food of tomorrow.

  • Jean-Luc GRISOT, Chairman of Terra Isara’s board, Director general, VALRHONA
  • Brigitte BRUNEL MARMONE, Vice-Presidente of Terra Isara, Chair of the Board, LA VIE CLAIRE
  • Thierry LAURENCIN, Vice-President of Terra Isara, Director du développement des Crédits et Agriculture of CRÉDIT AGRICOLE CENTRE-EST
  • Bernard PITON, Treasurer
  • Olivier de LACHAPELLE, Chairman of the Board of Isara
  • Louis LEMOINE, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Isara
  • Pascal DESAMAIS, Director General de l’ISARA
  • Aurélien SUET, Vice-President of Engineers Association, Isara
  • Yves LE BARS, Chair of the Scientific Council, Isara
  • Michel GUGLIELMI, Associate Professor, Isara
  • Christophe CHAVOT, Vice-President, External Relations, COOP de France Auvergne Rhône-Alpes