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Is local sustainable?

Publié le 13/05/2020

The publication of the scientific article:

Does the development of local food systems guarantee an ecologization of agricultural practices?


According to the literature on short local food systems, the direct relationship between consumers and producers triggers a virtuous circle that relies upon shared trust. What happens when the relationship is no longer direct but mediated by a small number of intermediaries? Socio-technical processes of changing agricultural practices are questionned by analysing the emergence of two local food chains in the Auvergne Rhône Alpes region: local soybean and minced steaks. Enrollment in a local food chain does not necessarily imply that producers adopt more agro-ecological practices. Nonetheless practices considered as environmental friendly are valued by local food chains. Sociotechnical objects or food chain governance have the potential to question farmers practices and invite to move the focus on long term learning processes.

The autors: Hélène Brives, Claire Heinisch, Mathieu Désolé, Carole Chazoule et Perrine Vandenbroucke

  •  Hélène Brives
    Associate Professor
  • Carole Chazoule
    Head of Studies Rural Laboratory

  • Mathieu Désolé
    Associate Professor

  • Perrine Vandenbroucke
    Associate Professor


Keywords: changing of agricultural practices, agro-ecology, local food chains, consumer role