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Lyon is the perfect city in which to be an international student, and it was wonderful to be able to study what I love in such a specialized institute.


Theo American Summer School Student

Student associations

ISARA-Lyon student life is vibrant thanks to the many events organized by the International Student Associations and other students clubs.

The Student Association proposes several activities with its many clubs :


ISAR'RIVENT is a club constituted and lead by a group of ISARA students. Its main goal is to welcome the international students and to ensure their good integration in Lyon and in the school. The club accompany the internationals from their arrival in France (reception at the airport or the train station when they are available) until the end of their stay. All year, they offer many events like hiking, outings in restaurants and the celebration of French traditional events (Candlemas, epiphany cake, …). Finally, the students of ISAR'RIVENT implement a buddy system for all the international students which enables a more personalise follow up.


Other associations are key players in student life :

ALTAÏR : Association for a human development respectful of its environment. It aims to inform citizens on agriculture and food related hot points and challenges and is active at national and international level. 

APE Junior-Company : student association developing projects on the request of companies and organizations of the agricultural, food, environmental, wine, and development sectors. 

Community Supported Agriculture : ISARAMAP


Logo Jeunes Ambassadeurs


If you are a foreign student and have decided to pursue your studies in Lyon, make the most of your stay by becoming familiar with the rich cultural environment of your host city and meeting major institutional and business leaders thanks to the Jeunes Ambassadeurs program.


The Jeunes Ambassadeurs program is based on the principle of reciprocity.

The program for a Jeune Ambassadeur lasts 6 months (from October to April) during which time the students will form a pair with their “business coach” and attend different events. Also, each student will put together a project linking – economically or culturally – France and their home country. This project will be submitted to the association, and the successful ones, awarded a prize. If you want more information on the projects developed by the former Jeunes Ambassadeurs, please click here.

Benefiting from this program, upon return to their home country, the Jeunes Ambassadeurs will be able to communicate on the expertise of the companies and the relations established with their directors, encourage contacts between members of the Jeune Ambassadeur network, and facilitate international partnerships by communicating information, finding required correspondents, etc…

For more information on this association and their objectives, please check the link below. 


Emilien PAX

International Relations Department

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