International students' testimonies

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Lyon is the perfect city in which to be an international student, it was wonderful to be able to study what I love in such a specialized institute.


Theo American Summer School Student

International students' testimonies

What do students say about their academic experience at ISARA-Lyon? Here you are able to read international students' testimonies about their experience at ISARA-Lyon...

Watch the video of the 2016 summer school Agroecology !

Testimonials of our summer school students 2016 : 

"I enjoyed very much the excursions organised by Isara-Lyon..."

"I wanted to experience french culture and how agriculture here is different from back home..."

"I wanted to practice my french and see how the european and the french approach engineering..."

"A perfect programm that complement my education at home..."

"Pleasure..", "Great opportunity..", "Wonderful connection..."

Watch the video of the 2015 Summer School in Agroecology!

Shelby, US student, Summer School in agroecology and internship on a dairy goat farm

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Shelby's testimony:


“I would like this program to continue so I could send my kids to it one day. :)”

“I found this program by chance while browsing through my school's exchange programs. It is one of the best decisions I have made”

“I had a wonderful 5 weeks and loved learning about and experiencing the French culture !”

Gizachew's testimony, Ethiopian student in the MSc Agroecology-Organic Agriculture (double degree with Wageningen University):

Jean-Yves' testimony, Nicaraguan student in the Master Agroecology - Organic Agriculture (double degree with Wageningen University):



International students

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