Organic Agriculture and Food Systems

Organic Agriculture and Food Systems

Double degree MSc Programme (EUR-Organic)

About EUR-Organic

Farmers and consumers are increasingly interested in the quality of food and in the circumstances of its production. Environmental, health, and social questions ask for solutions. For this reason, a growing amount of food is produced and processed according to the standards of Organic Farming. Organic Farming is based on a holistic approach and thus the processing and marketing of organically grown food requires special skills and knowledge.

To meet this demand, five leading European universities in the field of Agriculture and Life Sciences have developed the M.Sc. Programme “Organic Agriculture and Food Systems” (EUR-Organic).

The programme offers an education related to all aspects of the organic sector (organic crop production, organic animal husbandry, organic farming in the tropics and subtropics, organic food chains and networks, influence of European policy on the development of the organic sector, consumer demands, organic market development in different European countries etc.) plus the possibility to specialise in the distinct profiles offered by the partner universities.

Students completing the Master in Organic Agriculture and Food Systems at two of the partner universities will be awarded a full Master Degree from both universities. Students can also choose the single degree track option and complete the whole Master programme at one university.

The EUR-Organic Master in Organic Agriculture and Food Systems was developed by five universities:


Admission and Application

Students from all countries of the world can apply for the EUR-Organic programme.
Deadline for application:
15th of March for non-EU citizens
1st of June for EU citizens
Applicants require a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) or an equivalent degree in Agri-culture, Environmental Science, Nutrition Science or a related discipline.
Applicants must prove thorough English language proficiency on an academic level.

Detailed information available at the homepage :