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Classes imply many case studies, and the close cooperation with companies is essential for students’ professional insertion.


Octavio Engineer exchange student, Mexico


The Engineering Programme associates scientific and technological expertise with the development of management skills, to train future managers in the agricultural and food sectors.

The skills of ISARA-Lyon Engineer

ISARA-Lyon engineer use to the best their knowledge in their professional activities: scientific knowledge and methods, professional and managing skills, precision, efficience and open-mindedness.

Based on scientific knowledge and methodologies, ISARA-Lyon Engineer must be able to :

  • Design and implement protocols and action plans.
  • Propose operational and rigorous solutions.
  • Manage projects, teams, processes and budgets.
  • Take initiatives and responsibilities.
  • Adapt to varied and unknown situations.

The students, key operators of their education

The student is a key operator of its curriculum, thanks to the varied optional at its disposal, its internships, and the possibilities of self-training.
The curriculum includes several practical works enabling students to discover technical, economic and social realities, and to implement and experiment the acquired knowledge and methods.

Preparation to the professional career

ISARA-Lyon supports the students towards the start of their professional career, with the development of self knowledge, interpersonal relations, the job market and recruitment. 
This support is offered by professors and professionals (Human Resources Directors, recruitment and/or outplacement agencies, psychologists, the ISARA Alumni Association...) and combines the development of students' professional project (professional profile, available jobs, case studies) and the acquisition of fundamental tools for job search (letter of intent and CV, job interview simulation...).

Key facts  

  • A scientific and professional training course for the personal development of responsible managers
  • A strong link with professional organizations
  • An internationalized curriculum
  • A support to the construction of your professional project


Sigolène Verneret

International Relations Department

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