Innovation and entrepreneurship

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A scientific and professional education to occupy managing positions in agricultural and food sectors.


Marine Pobel Head of International Relations Department

Innovation and entrepreneurship

The curriculum is organized so that students can get involved in the ECOTROPHELIA competition, an outstanding didactic opportunity in the field of innovation project management.

With ECOTROPHELIA, ISARA-Lyon supports students' innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. This competition aims to:

  • put students' teams in a professional situation, within the scope of a whole innovation process
  • enable them to face a project where pluridisciplinarity is an essential key for success
  • validate the good didactic practices of the teaching team
  • give student the opportunity to be responsible of a project developed in partnership with a company in a view to put a real product on the market.


ECOTROPHELIA is the 1st student food innovation competition, and gathers each year 20 teams of 13 higher education institutions. It is recognized by the managers of the food sector.

  Congratulations to ISARA TEAM !


ECOTROPHELIA FRANCE 2018 : The ISARA team "Inflore & Sens" has been awarded for the ECOTROPHELIA FRANCE Silver trophy and the SOPEXA communication and marketing award. Ecotrophelia is a rich adventure that makes each participant grow and allows engineering students to acquire many skills in innovation and project management.




2018 : ECOTROPHELIA FRANCE Silver trophy and SOPEXA communication and marketing award for Inflorence & Sens

2017 : ECOTROPHELIAInnovation fruit and vegetables - INTERSFEL price for "Brin d'arômes" 

2016 : Bernard Loiseau Award for "TECOFRUIT" (Soft fermented drink, with a unique composition with an exotic flavour and Chia seeds)

2015 : ECOTROPHELIA France Innovation fruit and vegetables for "IRRESISTIBLE DUO" (A delicious vegetable-flavoured bar for an original lunch time snack)

2014 : ECOTROPHELIA France Silver Award with a special mention "nutrition innovation"for La gamme bouchées Héritage" (food for seniors, easy to eat, similar to a hot meal)

2013 : ECOTROPHELIA EUROPE Gold Award for "Ici & Là " (frozen lentils burger)

2013 : ECOTROPHELIA FRANCE Gold Award for "Ici & Là " (frozen lentils burger) who was also awarded the special mention "Fruits and Vegetables Innovation" by INTERFEL (Inter-branch association of the Fresh fruit and vegetable Industry).

2010 : Trophélia Golden Award for TOASTILEGUM’S (panini bread half-made of vegetables)

2009 : Trophélia Golden Award for FESTIPIC (cocktail peak made of vegetables)

2008 : Trophélia Bronze Award for Gourma’fruit (pastry shell made of fruits)

2007 : Trophélia Bronze Award for Bouchonnettes (sweet orange-flavoured quenelle filled with chocolate)