How to apply ?

Higher Education Institution Agronomy, food, environment


A scientific and professional education to occupy managing positions in agricultural and food sectors.


Marine Pobel Head of International Relations Department

How to apply ?

You can integrate ISARA-Lyon at the end of secondary education or after a Bachelor of Science.

You hold a High School Diploma or Leaving Certificate of secondary education: apply to the 1st year of the Engineering degree

Apply on the website "Grandes Ecoles Post-Bac". You will find on this website the deadlines for application and the procedure.
To enter ISARA-Lyon in 1st year, you must have at least a diploma of end of secondary education. Students selected on written application will be invited to an interview per skype or telephone.

You hold a Bachelor of Sciences or equivalent degree: apply to the 3rd or 4th year of the Engineering Degree

You shall have a Bachelor of Science or an equivalent diploma in life science or related domain. You can ask for an application file from 3rd of January. The complete application documents must be sent back to ISARA-Lyon on June 2017 at the latest. 
To receive the application file : click here


Emilien PAX

International Relations Department

+33 - (0)4 27 85 85 89