Markets and corporate management

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Classes include many case studies, and the close cooperation with companies is essential for students’ professional insertion.


Octavio Engineer exchange student, Mexico

Markets and corporate management

To occupy managing positions in agrofood or agrosupply companies, as well as in professional organizations and service companies liaising the different stakeholders of the agrofood chain.

Skills and abilities:

Analyze and understand the functioning and organization of the companies

Develop a vision and understanding or commercial exchanges and their challenges

Implement the technical expertise of the engineer together with management skills (strategy, marketing, project management, accountancy...)

Identify and develop sustainable competitive advantages in developing and conducing innovation and the appropriate entreprenarial processes

Manage partnerships and networks (suppliers, R&D, industries,...) and transversal projects.

Some examples of jobs occupied by our graduates:

  • Raw materials global purchaser
  • Project manager - Direction of Financial Affairs
  • Supply and logistics managers
  • Cocoa market analyst
  • Product development manager
  • Department manager

At Master level, you can choose selected optionals matching the specialization "Markets and corporate management".

Year 4: 2 to 3-week optional courses:

  • Organic agriculture, territories and markets
  • Economics and Agricultural Trade and Food: International Issues
  • Funding of the economy
  • Quality management in agro-food chains
  • Nutrition and health
  • Sustainable development in food industries
  • Microorganisms and traditional food

Year 5: Specialization semester (14 weeks):

  • Supply chain management in agricultural and food sectors
  • Sustainable development in food industries
  • Management of innovation and companies development 
  • Innovation in food science


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