ISARA-Lyon Engineer Curriculum

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Classes include many case studies, and the close cooperation with companies is essential for students’ professional insertion.


Octavio Engineer exchange student, Mexico


The first three years constitute the core curriculum. At Master level, 5 specializations are available to the students.

  • Core curriculum

    These first three years lead to the Bachelor of Science level. They aim to the acquisition of scientific fundamentals and methods.

  • Specializations

    At Master's level, students can specialize in one of the 5 following fields.

  • Internships

    The curriculum is punctuated with several internships to support the professionalization of the students.

The skills and qualifications of the French Engineer  



“The French Engineer exercises responsibilities in an organization: managing projects (from the design to the implementation), solving complex problems based on a set of technical, economic, social and managerial skills and on a solid scientific expertise.
Innovation, curiosity and thirst for knowledge, entrepreneurship spirit, team work abilities are the major qualities of an engineer.”
Source : RNCP (National Directory of Professional Certification) Fiche – ISARA-Lyon


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