Sustainable food systems

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A scientific policy focusing on agroecology and sustainable food systems.


Christophe David Vice-Dean

Sustainable food systems

The study of global food systems with their relation to the needs and expectations of the inhabitants of a territory towards food, economics, environment and quality of life.

Objectives and outcomes

We consider the food systems and territories which consider sustainable development as a priority. 


Our research especially focuses on the impact of food systems on the environment and on their insertion modalities and their contribution to territorial development. 

Our works are based on real-life situations must respond to the questions and expectations of the economic and institutional stakeholders as well as the citizens and the consumers.

We develop interdisciplinary research involving agronomists, microbiologist and technologues working on the production and processing of agricultural products. Economists and social scientists study the role of economic, politic and institutional stakeholders in the support of the transition towards sustainable food systems.

Examples of research subjects:

  • Improvement of organic cereal product quality
  • Control of microbial fermentation to preserve the typicity and improve the quality of fermented terroir products
  • Use of green technologies for food preservation without any chemical preservative
  • The local organization of food systems enabling a fair remuneration of the producers and intermediaries, limited consumption of fossil energy sources, whiile proposing local quality products to the consumers
  • The collective production and valorization of local products (official quality labels) and/or sustainably produced products (organic agriculture, integrated production)


Since 2015, Isara-Lyon proposes a tailor-made programme for international students interested in sustainable food production and how to manage and implement food processing and other food production related activities in a sustainable way. 


Marine Pobel

Head of International Relations Department

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