European Master Green Food Industries

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Marine Pobel Head of International Relations Department

European Master Green Food Industries

The "European Master Green Food Industries" is a European project coordinated by ISARA-Lyon, in partnership with the Universities of Kassel and Fulda (Germany), Ghent (Belgium), Aarhus (Denmark), Cluj-Napoca (Romania).

Objectives of the project

The project aims to develop a European Master of Science. The Master intends to educate future managers of food companies and organizations to manage food processing and other food production related activities in a sustainable way. It enables them to integrated sustainability issues at every step of the production process.

The positions aimed at are managing positions in production-related activities, mainly: production managers, industrial directors, industrial plant managers, quality and safety managers, but also project managers in sustainable development, industrial products / processes, continuous improvement, etc.

To this aim, the consortium will:

  • Evaluate the needs of the job market and the skills required by food enterprises and organizations through the constitution of an Advisory Committee made up of 2-3 organizations of each participating country, and the administration of a survey to 60-90 professionals in the participating countries.
  • Develop a common integrated curriculum with experiences abroad (academic semesters and internships) and the development of intercultural and linguistic skills.
  • Study the feasibility of the deliverance of double or multiple degrees.
  • Develop common e-learning modules.

The European consortium is made of:

  • ISARA-Lyon (France), Project coordinator
  • The University of Kassel (Germany)
  • The University of Fulda (Germany)
  • The University of Ghent (Belgium)
  • The University of Aarhus (Denmark)
  • The University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine of Cluj-Napoca (Romania)

The project is supported by the European Union and Rhône-Alps Province

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Marine POBEL

Project coordinator

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