Our institution

Higher Education Institution Agronomy, food, environment


We develop international education and research projects in agroecology and sustainable food systems.


Marine Pobel Head of International Relations Department

Our institution

ISARA-Lyon is a French "grande école" (graduate college) specialized in agricultural, food and environmental science. It is recognized by the French Ministry of Agriculture.
For more than 50 years, ISARA has been offering a wide range of Bachelor and Master level curricula in agronomy, food science, agribusiness and environmental science.

 ISARA-Lyon develops three main activities:

1) Higher eductaion programmes

Bachelor and master level curricula, with a very specific pedagogy combining theory and practices, covering the following subjects :

-          Agriculture, environment & natural resources management,

-          Agrifood, food & industrial management,

-          Sustainable rural development,

-          Markets & corporate management,

-          Wine production

2) Advisory services and vocational training

dedicated to company, professional organization and local authority

3) Applied research activities

Our advisory services and research activities are mainly focused on two fields :




Key facts  



Isara-Lyon is a non-profit organisation under the French law of 1901, placed under the authority of the French Ministry of Agriculture.

Creation : 1968

Budget : 11 M€

Staff : 110 employees and more than 200 scientific and professional experts

Students : 1,100 (Master of Engineering, Msc degrees, Bachelor degrees)

Partner universities : 130 worldwide

Graduated "Ingénieurs" : 4,100 persons