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We develop international education and research projects in agroecology and sustainable food systems.


Marine Pobel Head of International Relations Department

Terra Isara

TERRA ISARA Endowment Fund aims to "define agricultural and food systems able to produce sufficient quantities of healthy food produce, while preserving the natural resources and enabling farmers to live decently of the land."

3 priorities:

Education and training:

Human skills are the most essential to define and implement new agricultural and food systems. TERRA ISARA wants to facilitate the access to ISARA-Lyon educational programmes to any motivated young person, whatever his or her origin and financial means.


Innovation, research and development, especially in agroecology:

The Endowment Fund participates to the funding and development of projects aiming to:

  • the production, design and processing of healthy and high quality food produce,
  • the protection of the environment
  • the development of rural territories
  • sustainable development.
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Promote the creation of innovative activities and companies in agricultural and food value chains. TERRA ISARA make specific means available (technical support, access to technological resources, quality certification...) to support on the long term the creation of innovative companies.

Since creation in 2012, all these actions supported by TERRA ISARA have represented a financial commitment of € 1,500,000.

More information: www.terraisara.fr


Anne Etienne

TERRA ISARA Endowment Fund

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