Studies led by engineers

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We apply our know-how to the benefit of agricultural and food chains.


Christophe David Vice Dean

Studies led by engineers

Have your studies developed by groups of engineer / master students with the support of our teaching staff.

Have your studies developed by groups of engineer / master students with the support of our teaching staff. 

Group of students tutored by our professors can work in group on your real-life cases and propose solutions responding to the needs of companies and organizations of agricultural and food sectors.Requested 

Providing concrete solutions to real case proposed by companies or institutions from farming industries or agrifood community

At master's level, within each of the following specializations, our students can carry out 3 to 6 weeks studies proposed by companies and organizations : 

- Agriculture, environment and resource management

- Food science and the management of food industries

- Sustainable rural development

- Markets and corporate management

- Wine production


The objective is to develop the students' autonomy and initiative, develop their knowledge and know-how by working on a concrete case. This study will also help them to elaborate their career project. The student must go deeper in scientific or technological topics by studying different sources of informations (literature review, interview, laboratory work, database...).

Case study MAESTRO 

6 weeks between mid-March and mid-May - 25 projects every year

In respons to a professional request, students work in group to bring solutions to solve a real case submitted by an organization.

This study enables the teaching staff to evaluate student engineering skills and knowledge:

- Project design

- Sampling  technique

- Statistic analysis

- Project management...

Subjects must be communicated to ISARA-Lyon before November. 


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International Relations Department

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