Dedicated resources

Higher Education Institution Agronomy, food, environment


We apply our know-how to the benefit of agricultural and food chains.


Christophe David Vice Dean

Dedicated resources

In order to support your ideas and projects in the best conditions, we provide full human and material resources.

A multidisciplinary team of consultants

All specialized in agrifood and experts in their fields of competences (strategy, marketing, production, food quality and safety, agroecology...)

A strong network

As a partner of many agri-food and agricultural professional organisations certification organisations, we are an important stakeholder in the training of the Engineers of tomorrow.


Microbiology, physics & chemistryl, automatization, all driven by a team of experts.

A pilot food production

Halle-technologique-agroalimentaire_medium (1)

With its 600 m², ISARA-Lyon pilot food production line is fully adaptable to meet companies’ needs. 

Energy blocks (steam, compressed air, network water, icy water, electricity) implemented in this area offer maximum modularity to build up a production line matching professionals’ needs.

Two cold rooms, a formulation laboratory, a physical-chemistry analysis laboratory and an adjacent training room complete this working area. It is possible to make pre-series for tests.

Our pilot food production line is a catalyst for culinary creativity as proven by the developed products by the business creators from the Agrapole/Isara-Lyon incubator.

An academic library


Market, societal, regulatory, technological watch

An attractive and spacious building

Auditorium, reception place, training and meeting's rooms

For more than 50 years, we have supported agri-food and agricultural organisations as innovative SMEs, professional organisations and major stakeholders of the market, in various sectors like innovation, quality and safety, performance in production, development of brands & labels and agroecology.

So why not you ? You have a specific project or specific questions ? Contact us and together let's move your ideas foward.


Valérie Mann

Agribusiness department

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