Expertise and Consulting

Higher Education Institution Agronomy, food, environment


We apply our know-how to the benefit of agricultural and food chains.


Christophe David Vice Dean

Expertise and Consulting

ISARA-Lyon consulting and expertise teams respond to the training and coaching needs of our partner companies.

A multidisciplinary expertise to develop projects and support continuous improvement 

As a Pole of expertise entirely dedicated to agribusinness industry, we provide consulting services, studies and support to project development. Our offer covers 5 fields:

Innovation, R&D and Marketing

How to develop your activity ? Identifying the needs of the consumers and responding to the market expactations. 


Food quality and safety


How to secure your activity ? Using systems, tools and management methods to solve concrete cases. 

Performance and Production

How to optimize your production ? Design tools to improve your industrial performances. Support your technical and human organisation. 


Sectoral and territorial branding 

 How to be different ? Building together your strategy. Promoting sectors and territories.

Agriculture, environment and agroecology

How to innovate ? Finding solutions adapted to the food sector, the agricultural & fish production and respond to the environmental challenges.

Supporting your development projects and its success...

You are a stakeholder from the agricultural and food community (company, private or public organization).

We propose tailor-made services and group training programmes.

We mobilize our team's know-how and combine technical and marketing knowledge.

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Valérie Mann

Agribusiness department

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