Agrapole Incubator

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AGRAPOLE Incubator supports business creation.


Pascal Boulon Agrapole Incubator Representative

Agrapole Incubator

ISARA-Lyon and professional organizations members of AGRAPOLE Cluster developed an incubator to support innovative business creation in the food sector.

A program to support business creators in the agricultural and food sectors : Foodshaker !


Since 2008, ISARA-Lyon and AGRAPOLE members (COOP de France, APECITA, PRESTAL…) have implemented a program aiming at helping business creators for innovative food projects.


A program to support business creation has been implemented, based on competencies within ISARA-Lyon and structures at AGRAPOLE.

This « AGRAPOLE Incubator » is complementary and operates in partnership with other programs already existing in the Rhône-Alpes region and in France (CREALYS, EM Lyon…)

It aims to go with project holders  (technical, scientific or service activities) involved in the agricultural and food sectors).


  • A favourable environment: equipped offices, access to laboratories and pilot-scale production line
  • A technical and marketing support offered by our experts and AGRAPOLE's partner organizations
  • The opportunity to profit from students' tutored work (group projects, internships and master's theses, etc) 

Since its creation, 32 projects have been supported or are currently under support.



Sylvia Gascon Cherrier

Incubator Project Manager

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